Punggol Town Hub — 2022 (Built)

Since the 1970s, community centres have been offering recreational and social amenities at affordable prices to all. Made publicly accessible, they have become communal spaces where opportunities for exchange and bonding among different cultural and racial groups were created — a vehicule for nuturing social cohesion.

Today, community centres have evolved into large integrated hubs that enables a deeper and more meaningful synergy of services and community activities. Strategically located and designed as the heart of the residential district they serve, integrated community and lifestyle hubs are a representative feature and an integral part of our urban fabric. 

Punggol Town Hub is among this new generation of integrated community hubs. In the early days, Punggol was a village where people live in the ‘community of a Kampung’, a place where the feeling of ‘togetherness’, community sharing and bonding pervade. Today, Punggol is a vibrant new town with mostly young and urbane population whom aspire for sustainable, exciting and creative lifestyle. The proposed Punggol Town Hub is to blend the nostalgia past with the futurist vision of Punggol, bringing people together to the new ‘Heart of Punggol’. Imagine a large table with people of different age, job and interest coming together to share a common time and space.

Accessible from all directions at ground level, it invites and leads users to the central atrium, the new Punggol Agora, which connects all storeys and stakeholders. Here, the open floor plan enables freedom of movement, creating and facilitating opportunities for meet-ups, interactions and chance encounters. Visitors can take their routes to respective facilities and activities inside the integrated hub without becoming detached from the atrium space. In this manner, the development effectively communicates inclusivity through connectivity and encourages unity through interaction.