Punggol Regional Library — 2023 (Built)

Punggol Regional Library (PRL) is envisioned as a Nebula, a cloud inspired form and spatial expression that suggests the idea of exploration of knowledge and inclusivity of all age groups. Each storey is zoned with a unique theme inspired by space exploration which aligns with the programs. These vertical zonings consider the spectrum of activities, acoustics and segregation required from the diversity of programs within the library space.

A unifying element in curved corrugated perforated metal screen is adopted to express the concept of the nebula cloud and visually connecting all floors of the library. This light weight element welcomes the visitors at the entrance, brings them up the floors via ramps and escalators, introduces them to various collections, screens off activity spaces where noise might be generated, showcases community exhibitions and forms the changing spiral lights winding around the central atrium.

PRL expresses connectivity, inclusivity with multiple arrival points and freedom of movement through internal spaces. As the library floor plate accords with the curved Sentul Crescent, curves are used within the space for friendlier and safer circulation internally. One of the key design elements is an accessible ramp connecting 1st and 2nd storey, where wheelchair users, parents with prams and young children can move up and down easily, while experiencing the community gallery along the ramp circulation. Every visitor is encouraged to discover their own exploring experience and learning space at PRL.